the tnt skincare ritual: your go-to routine for glowing skin

the tnt skincare ritual: your go-to routine for glowing skin

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the tnt skincare ritual: your go-to routine for glowing skin


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting  the charming Elizabeth Karmel of acclaimed food blog, Girls At The Grill. This Southern stunner has made a name for herself in the culinary world by crushing the commonly held stereotype that grilling is a “man’s job”. Elizabeth is rewriting the book on grilling- in fact, she has three cookbooks each targeted at helping women (and men) face the heat and step up to the flame.

After launching three of the top Southern restaurants in the United States, Elizabeth has taken her experience on the road. Today, you can find her making appearances on the Food Network, hosting specials on The Cooking Channel, or guest judging the contestants of Chopped and Iron Chef.

In her spare time (ha!), she writes a bi-monthly column for the Associated Press called The American Table and has been featured in Bon Appetit, Better Homes & Gardens, and Saveur magazine.

But what you don’t know is that the chef/author/media personality is a fellow skincare aficionado! I mean, isn’t it kinda obvious? Look at her- her skin is literally GLOWING! (Who knows how in the world she finds the time!)

So, I knew she, of all people, would totally appreciate sampling the tnt skincare line! I sent her home with a few goodies including our Face Editor Pads, Beta Boost Toner, Refining Micro Buff, and VitA serum.

When I got an email from her a few days later asking how to apply the product, a lightbulb went off….Duh! Some of you might not know how to get the best results from our products, so today, I must share the proper steps of the tnt skincare ritual with all of you!  

1. One at a time.

Trying five new products in one day is like stuffing five donuts in your mouth at the exact same time. How will you know what’s working? What products you like? How one particular product feels on your skin? Unless you gradually stagger them into your routine, you won’t! My philosophy is to introduce one new product at a time. Be patient…you’ll thank me later.

2. Begin by day.

When trying a new product, always do your first trial in the morning. Even if it’s a product for night time-like a night cream or serum- you don’t want to apply any new product before going to bed for eight hours. In case of a bad reaction, you won’t be awake to realize what’s happening. No one wants to wake up with a face full of zits or a nasty allergic reaction!

3. Skip the AM cleanse.

This may come as a shock, but you don’t need to wash your face every morning. Instead, apply a bit of toner to a cotton pad and swipe the product gently across your entire face and neck. Washing in the morning rinses away the natural oils that have been produced overnight and can actually speed up the aging process!

4. Take it slow.

So, you tried the toner? Keep it up for a week- or at least a few solid days- before assuming you’re good to go. It might take some time for any negative reactions to surface, so, as hard as it is, be patient! Our products have been developed using the highest levels of active ingredients, so it’s really important to ease into the tnt routine.

5. Don’t skip the buff.

The Refining Micro Buff is one heck of a powerful exfoliant. For optimal results, I recommend using it 2-3x a week while showering. Your skin will already be a bit damp- maximizing its level of effectiveness! For silky smooth skin, gently massage the product onto your face for a few minutes-being extra careful to avoid your delicate eye area!

6. Call in the big guns.

Headed to a swanky night out on the town, a black tie benefit, or any special event that calls for you to be in tiptop shape? The Face Editor Pads are perfect anytime you want some serious radiance-or even if you just need a little, midweek pick me up. Just swipe and go…. or shall I say swipe and glow? Always remember: don’t use any new products for the first time before a special night, date, or event.

7. Multitask.

The Vit A serum literally does it all. Use it every other night to target fine lines, lighten pigmentation, and zap acne. Packed with Vitamin A and Alpha Hydroxy Acids, this miracle serum is our number one bestseller for a reason! After only a few weeks of use, you will see an improvement in fine lines, skin firmness, and texture. You know how much I obsess about my clients slathering on their sunblock? If you’re using any retinol product, it is absolutely imperative that you use at least an SPF of 30 every single day. Yes, I am aware the American Academy of Dermatology recommends an SPF 15.  I recommend an SPF 30 because I think everyone’s too stingy with their sunscreen.

Science. Truth. Results.

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