Rev Up Your Skincare Routine in 2016

Rev Up Your Skincare Routine in 2016

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Rev Up Your Skincare Routine in 2016


The beginning of any new year is filled with overt, optimistic statements of personal betterment. Maybe in 2016, you’ll eat better, maybe you’ll work out more, or maybe you’ll just stop to smell the roses a bit more this year.

Well, I hate to rain on your parade, but I- for one- am NOT making any resolutions….

This year, I’ll be making reVolutions– I intend to jazz things up and turn the standard New Year’s Resolutions upside down. Shake things up along with me as I continue my commitment to having fun, loving life, and taking care of numero uno. (At the end of the summer, I said I was going to make a serious attempt at having more fun and making self-care a priority. I am happy to report I am still going strong! And you know what? It’s been a blast!)

So, let’s toss out the old New Year’s Resolution and start a New Year’s ReVolution! If you’re ready to shake up your skincare routine in 2016, implement our 2016 Skin Care Commandments to stop the hands of time from adding any more unwanted years to your fabulous face.

1. I promise to cleanse my face every night before going to bed.

And don’t even think about going to sleep with your makeup on!!! Sleeping with makeup-especially foundation and primers-significantly clog pores and suffocate the skin. Not only do clogged pores lead to breakouts, but they also make pores appear larger and more noticeable. If that’s not enough, sleeping- even with traces of makeup- interferes with the skin’s ability to naturally rejuvenate itself. To avoid a lackluster appearance, large pores, and unsightly adult acne, be sure to remove all our your makeup every night before bed – including mascara. (Sleeping with mascara damages the lashes, leaving them brittle and prone to breaking.) No excuses!

2. I vow to stop scrubbing my skin.

Cleansing is good; scrubbing is no bueno! All types of scrubbing must be avoided. Scrubbing can increase redness, irritation, exacerbate breakouts, or even irreversibly damage your delicate skin. If you need more exfoliation, try a mild buffing product or products containing alpha hydroxy acids or retinol. Try tnt’s Refining Micro Buff for cleansing; Lighten Up 8 if you’re new to exfoliation or Lighten Up 15 if you’re ready to kick it up a notch with a healthy dose of alpha hydroxy acids; and VitA serum if you want a power-packed dose of retinol and alpha hydroxy acids and are a seasoned exfoliator.

3. I will NOT skip my acne medication.

If you suffer from acne, consistency is KEY. It’s easy to forget- especially around the holidays or while on vacation. But…just because you’re taking a break, doesn’t mean your acne got the out of office memo! You simply cannot afford to skip any applications or steps. If you’re really struggling to remember, try doing your acne routine in conjunction with something else you do regularly- like brushing or flossing your teeth. Check out tnt’s acne fighting products here.

4. I will stop picking at my skin.

Yea, yea, yea. If I had a nickel for every time I said this to my daughters, I would have a couple of vacation homes! Every time you squeeze, pick, “accidently scratch,” or pop a pimple, you severely increase the chance of scarring. Picking at your skin will also increase the healing time. All my acne sufferers keep my number on speed dial-they know they can call anytime, and I’ll “squeeze” them in for that whopper of a zit!

5. I will see my aesthetician regularly.

With a national network of tnt devotees, not all of my blog readers live nearby. Though I wish I could treat all of you, it’s important that you find and develop a relationship with a knowledgeable, well-trained aesthetician in your area. Be patient. Don’t aesthetician hop, don’t expect miracles on your first visit, and don’t compare your skin or treatment to anyone else’s. You and your skin are special and unique. A good aesthetician knows this and will treat you accordingly.

Before 25, you have the skin you were born with….after 25, you end up with the skin you deserve. If you love your skin, it will love you back! Happy New Year, Revolutionistas!

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Jane Marie