• “The pads are outstanding at removing any residual makeup, etc., left on the face.  After using the pads, my pores appear smaller, my skin feels silky and fresh. Unlike many other wipes, pads, you need only one for the entire face and the jar of pads remains moist until the last pad."
  • "I adore Jane Marie D'Amato and how she respects and cares for my skin. I am a convert from a Center City spa where I had thorough but very aggressive facials. I would leave there and hide for 36 hours. Jane Marie is strong in her approach. She extracts. She microplanes. She nurtures. I think she's fabulous!"
  • “The It has been a week since my treatment with Jane Marie and my skin still looks and feels fantastic! My skin has never been in such great shape, and I owe it all to Jane Marie’s treatments and her products. I suffered with acne through adulthood, and I can actually leave my house wearing only a tinted moisturizer. Her face editor pads, VitA serum, and refining microbuff keep my skin in great shape between visits. And, her crema firma body butter is to die for especially for those with skin sensitivities.”
  • I LOVE the Clarifying Cleanser! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed like no other product I have used as a cleanser. I feel like there is no makeup or dirt left on my face after using it as well. A must have!”
  • Oh my gosh! Lighten Up 15 has totally transformed my skin! My skin has never felt so smooth and looked so even!”
  • The Clarifying Micro Buff was a game changer for me. I have oily skin and prone to blackouts. A “must have” kind of product.”